Capsule Corporation Doormat

Dragon Ball Z: Capsule Corporation Doormat

This elegant and very straight forward doormat features the Capsule Corporation logo. If you don’t know what Capsule crop is, then you probably are not a fan. Let me explain though Capsule corp is owned by Dr. Briefs (Lol yeah). Dr Briefs is Bulma’s dad. Capsule Corp creates things that can fit into a small device as large as a daily vitamin pill, thus CAPSULE corp. Bulma get’s to have all the latest and greatest capsules on her adventures because her dad let’s her test drive the new inventions. This doormat pays a homage to the Capsule Corporation. It will be as if you are stepping into capsule corp yourself.  Keep you feet clean with this awesome doormat. Check it out here

Weather Resistant Natural Coco Fiber
Solid Vynil Base
Exterior Weather Resistant Paint
Acrylic Sealant
Size: 18inch Width x 30inch Length
Weight: 5lbs.

Capsule Corporation doormat

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