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Dragon Ball Z Goku Spirit bomb lamp

Dragon Ball Z Goku Spirit Bomb Lamp First Goku lamp to hit the internet (See updates at the bottom) This is what you get when you use your creative genius. Combine a lamp with a Goku Dragon Ball Z action figure and you get a

Dragon ball wedding ring

Dragon Ball Z Ring

Buyer beware, if you posses this Dragon ball wedding ring you may or may not have a young Saiyan knocking at your door. All kidding aside this Dragon ball  wedding ring is the bees knees among geeky rings.  The Dragon ball on the rings are

Dragon ball z bathrobe

Dragon Ball Z Bathrobe

Watching the Dragon ball series can only be done in one way. That way is in a Goku robe. So prepare yourself for a 24-7 DBZ marathon and achieve maximum relaxation. Between episodes feel free to get on a Saiyan powered workout. Then pop yourself

Dragon Ball Z Nimbus Painting

Dragon Ball Z Nimbus Painting

The flying nimbus is a pretty iconic cloud in the Dragon Ball series. The little yellow magical cloud was Goku’s first speedy means of transportation.  The joy on Goku’s face when he received the Nimbus from Master Roshi for saving one of Roshi’s turtle pals.

Dragon ball z Flasks

Dragon Ball Z Flasks

Flasks aren’t for everyone. Supersaiyan flasks on the other hand are for everyone. Do you think Goku went on his awesome adventures without a flask? No way. So go on your very own alcoholic adventures with this Dragon Ball Z inspired flasks. The flask features

dragon ball z mug heat reactive

Dragon Ball Z Mug, Heat reactive

Dragon Ball Z Heat Reactive mugs The Dragon Ball Z coffee mug to end all coffee mugs. The Goku heat reactive mug is just pure awesomeness. There is no greater Z fighter than Son Goku. He may falter at times, but he has the will

Pikachu x Piccolo mashup pin Dragon ball z merchandise

Pokemon X Dragon Ball Z Pin Mashups

Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon both have quite the following in their own right. Frankly I love both of them for the most part. I think that the original Dragon Ball series with a young Goku are the best season. Then obviously Dragon ball Z

Capsule Corporation doormat

Capsule Corporation Doormat

Dragon Ball Z: Capsule Corporation Doormat This elegant and very straight forward doormat features the Capsule Corporation logo. If you don’t know what Capsule crop is, then you probably are not a fan. Let me explain though Capsule corp is owned by Dr. Briefs (Lol yeah).

Dragon Ball Z Majin buu candy Jar

Dragon Ball Z Majin Buu Candy Jar

Majin Buu the lovable temperamental opponent of Goku. That boy loves his candy. When Majin Buu runs out of candy he has the power to create his own. He devastated a whole town and turned all the people in it to candy. So it is