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Custom dragon ball z shoes

Custom Dragon Ball Z Shoes

On our Instagram we feature a number of unknown geek art artists. Today I stumbled upon an Etsy user NykeriaShoes who created some awesome shoes. These shoes feature Dragon Ball Z artwork with a 100% unique design that NykeriaShoes has created on white canvas shoes.

Beerus god of destruction dragon ball z artwork

Beerus God of Destruction Dragon Ball Z Artwork

Dragon Ball Z Artwork: Beerus Beerus another massively strong character that Goku has to go up against. If you haven’t noticed in their first meeting, Beerus has a anger problem. He destroys planets because of little things that set him off. He destroyed King Kai’s

Sexy bulma android 18 and chi chi dragon ball z art

6 Must have pieces of Dragon Ball Z Artwork

Must have Dragon Ball Z Artwork Love it or hate it Dragon Ball z  is one of the largest anime’s out there. The series in it’s self is also so huge that Akira Torriyama can’t even remember every detail about the show. So with a

Geeky Valentine's Day cards pokemon bulbasaur

5 Geeky Valentine’s Day cards

Geeky Valentine’s day cards for your geek love The mainstream media always depicts valentines day for a normal couple, but what if you are a geeky couple. What if you don’t care about roses, and diamond rings, lame hearts and stuff covered in pink and

10 Geeky Stocking stuffers

Great Geeky stocking stuffer Ideas Looking for some cool geeky last minute stocking stuffers for Christmas? Well I have compiled some pretty sweet items that can be stuffed in your geeks stocking this year. Shoot, you might even find something you want to splurge on

Dragon Ball Shift Knob for your car

The Custom Dragon Ball Z shift knob Boring old shift knobs are a thing of the past, go super Saiyan and replace your shift knob with something more exciting like this Dragon ball shift knob (or check out this Pokemon shift knob). This simple car