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Geek art

is not your average run of the mill art. The art here won’t be seen in the museum of fine arts (although some of it should be). This art, the art of geeks refers to that of anime characters, and things that pertain to the geek culture. Yeah, anime and cartoons already have their own art. This art is by artists who simply love a certain show and are part of a fandom. Who want to create their own renditions of popular iconic shows.

Art can come in so many different flavors. Geek art is by far my favorite though. I specifically enjoy simplistic takes on certain characters. It may just be a phase for me, but I love it.

I have also recently stumbled upon ‘realistic Pokemon’ and thought that this one artists had an awesome take on the Pokemon as if they were real. Hopefully someday these geek art artists get the recognition they deserve, but for now maybe you can discover them with me.