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Beerus god of destruction dragon ball z artwork

Beerus God of Destruction Dragon Ball Z Artwork

Dragon Ball Z Artwork: Beerus Beerus another massively strong character that Goku has to go up against. If you haven’t noticed in their first meeting, Beerus has a anger problem. He destroys planets because of little things that set him off. He destroyed King Kai’s

Sexy bulma android 18 and chi chi dragon ball z art

6 Must have pieces of Dragon Ball Z Artwork

Must have Dragon Ball Z Artwork Love it or hate it Dragon Ball z  is one of the largest anime’s out there. The series in it’s self is also so huge that Akira Torriyama can’t even remember every detail about the show. So with a

It sucks to be a girl gamer on the internet mnda_rae

It sucks to be a girl gamer on the internet

It sucks to be a girl gamer I am a male geek/gamer, and I have realized that it really sucks being a girl gamer. How can I realize this? Well I run Geektak, the blog you are on right now and the Instagram page with

NES controller prints

5 Geek Art Nintendo Prints for your man cave

Decorate your man cave with these 5 Geek Art Nintendo Prints Not many of us geeks have a great taste in art and a lot of us are not that great at home decor designing. At least we have these tasteful geek art prints that

Jybe, Guess that minimalist character!

Jybe is a Swiss designer who has mixed pixel art and pop culture in a web-based project called “Characters”. The idea is to represent famous characters sort by themes (Cartoons, Comics, Cinema, etc.) with a stack of colored bricks and share them as minimalist pop

I am questioning the Oxford Dictionaries credibility.

I don’t know whether B.O.B. really thinks the world is flat or if he is just using the outlandish statements to draw attention to himself and his new mix-tape, or if he seriously thinks that somewhere on the earth you can fall of the planet.

Geek Art Artist Greg. “Léon” Guillemin

Geek Art Artist Greg. “Léon” Guillemin 48-year old Grégoire Guillemin, aka “Léon”, refuses to let his childhood passions fade quietly into the past. Science fiction, comic books, and video games still reign. From 1930’s vintage to modern day Pop Art, his artworks rediscover and reinvent styles

How to make fancy movie folder icons

Go to google and search for pre-made icon for the movie or TV show you need. Pick your favorite Icon and save it Now open it up in Photoshop, gimp or paint. Change the size to 512 x 512 256 x 256 128 x 128

90’s kid or Sad adult?

90’s kid or Sad adult? Many people like to say that 90’s ‘kids’ are simply just sad adults. Always being nostalgic remembering all the great things of their childhood. That statement does makes sense, but if you think about it kids who grew up in the