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Welcome to the Geek Shop

Geektak is a free online source for your geek shop needs. Geektak is ran by a geek who spends way too much time watching anime and playing video games. I have spent more time than I like to admit browsing the internet for cool unique items. Items that true fans would enjoy. From retro gaming to Dragon Ball Z merchandise and everything in between.

Jump out of the ordinary store bought products and find something that is one-off. Being a geek/nerd is unique in itself, so you should own unique things. So show your love for geek culture and support, small mom and pop geek shops.

Most of the items in the geek shop cannot be found in retail stores locally. All the items found on the Geektak geek shop are made with geeks in mind. I guarantee you that the person who made the item you click on loves the anime, comic, retro game just as much as you do. So make Geektak your primary source for finding unique items and one of your favorite geek shopping sites.

Rick and morty hand towels 0

Rick and Morty Towels

Rick and Morty merch is becoming super abundant, but you probably don’t have these towels. With Rick and Morty’s popularity comes a slew of handmade items. Etsy shop SeamsGeeky has got a few Rick...

Digimon tamagotchi re-release 0

Digimon Tamagotchi Re-Release

Talk about out of the loop. Since when did Tamagotchi come back. And is Digimon re emerging? Either way I never got my hands on a Digimon Digivice by Tamagotchi when I was younger....

Comfy Pikachu PC Cushion 0

Comfy Pikachu PC Cushion

Stay productive,  and stay comfy to keep your computer productivity up. With this cuddly PC cushion featuring your favorite childhood electric mouse. It’s proven that nostalgia and comfort are large factors that will help...

sweet pokemon kigurumi 0

Sweet Pokemon Kigurumis

A kigurumi is a  onesie with your favorite anime character. The term kigurumi comes from Japanese culture. Either where you can show optimum Pokemon fandom with a Pokemon kigurumi. You can get cozy in...