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Weird Star Wars Merchandise darth vader walking an AT-AT bookend

10 Weird Star Wars Merchandise Any Geek will Love

Weird Star Wars Merchandise As a Star Wars fan, I love having weird Star Wars merchandise that make my friends react. Especially the reaction from the ones who are more hardcore than me. So I compiled a list of weird Star Wars merchandise I would like

Geeky Valentine's Day cards pokemon bulbasaur

5 Geeky Valentine’s Day cards

Geeky Valentine’s day cards for your geek love The mainstream media always depicts valentines day for a normal couple, but what if you are a geeky couple. What if you don’t care about roses, and diamond rings, lame hearts and stuff covered in pink and

Han solo carbonite mini fridge

Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Mini fridge really exists

Han Solo Mini Fridge First off, why am I not seeing this before today. Secondly, why hasn’t anyone bought this for me yet???? The Han freakin’ Solo carbonite mini fridge would be a great addition to any gaming setup. Why would one want to wast

Star wars millenium falcon multi-tool 1

3 Star Wars tools

Star Wars Tools “Expand your tool set with Star Wars tools”, is not a phrase you will here very often. Star Wars tools are by no means a necessity for your average handy man, but for a Star Wars fan it might be. Star Wars

Creative Pokemon pins

Bulba Fett – I love this mash up of Bulbasuar and Boba Fett. More info here Mimikyu – This pin will probably start conversations like: “What kind of Pikachu is that” or “What happened to Pikachu”lol. Get more info here   3 scoop Starter cone

Star Wars Bookends

Star Wars Bookends If you love Star Wars, and you love books then you need the Death Star Star Wars bookends for your bookshelf to inspire the geek in you. The Death Star can also hold all your Star Wars movies on the bookshelf if

I sense that the Force is Strong in these bikinis

These awesome R2-D2 and Darth Vader swimsuits are the perfect gift for your geeky girlfriend, or just a geeky girl in general. Currently there are only two options for the dark side and the light side, but these options are pretty awesome and who wouldn’t

Geek man cave

  Geek man caves are unlike a “Manly man’s” man cave, to put it simply it is better. The “Manly” man cave consists of sports teams big screen TV’s, maybe a pool table and what not. The geek man cave has all your nostalgia from

Wood Posters made for a geek

When I think of geek culture, wood working isn’t really ever thought of. When you give geeks a laser engraver and a stack of high quality pine wood. You get yourself Engravers Dungeon and wood posters. Their product immediately won me over when I first saw