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Gaming Mouse VS Regular Mouse

The age old question, do I really need a gaming mouse? Gaming mice are kind of one of the big staples when becoming a PC gamer. If you haven’t been around the PC gaming scene for a while then you will probably wonder about a

Keyboard Mods: Pokemon Keyboard

Pokemon Keyboard stickers If you are a hardcore Pokemon fan then you are probably always looking for ways to mod Pokemon into your life. The Pokemon keyboard stickers can set you apart. They take your average looking boring computer keyboard and add your favorite characters to

Is 4k Gaming Worth it

Is 4k Gaming Worth it

So is 4k Gaming worth if for you? If you are here you are probably looking into upgrading your aged 4-5 year old gaming computer. The gaming hype as of right now is 4k gaming and of course VR gaming, but let’s stay on topic.

Geeky Keyboard Christmas tree

Awwwe the covenant PC master race Christmas tree. This tree is a rare beauty featuring expensive mechanical keyboards and with RBG color ranges. You might say why would anyone want a Christmas tree made from keyboards. Well if you’re thinking that way I wouldn’t want

Laptop Charger hack

At this point your laptop battery is probably dead and you use it ask a desktop as it is always plugged into a wall. There has never seemed to be a good way to to keep that pesky plug plugged into the laptop. You have

League of Legends Custom Gaming PC build

League of Legends PC build A couple of days ago me and some friends were at a friend’s house. One of his friends whipped out his new custom gaming PC from his car. The computer was a fancy custom case. Naturally I proceeded to ask