Cool one off Fortnite merchandise to buy

Fortnite, you love it or you hate it. You may be one of the people who thinks it’s better than PUBG. Or vice versa, but in retro spec they are two totally different games. They both have their places and if you don’t understand that then I don’t wanna talk to you. You came here for some cool one off custom Fortnite items that you can buy to flex on your Fortnite pals so let’s check them out!

The Fortnite Boogie bomb

It’s a rare explosive consumable in the Battle Royale game, and now it is yours to own. The bomb is in the form of a light, you can use it as a night light  (sort of) or place it on your desk when you play Fortnite. You can get it here or here

Fortnite boogie bomb merchandise

Fortnite shield potion artwork

In my opinion the shield system is weird as heck in Fortnite. You have to drink 2 medium ones then a big one. Or chug 4 small ones then a large one if I remember correctly. If you don’t do it in that order you won’t be able to get a full shield. I guess it’s a good idea so that it takes time for you to shield up. Still darn weird though. But you can get this shield potion artwork here

Fortnite shield potion artworkFortnite wall sticker

Now this is a good Fortnite birthday gift idea for your little brother or sister who wants to stream fortnite. Imagine them with their webcam and this wall piece on the wall behind them as the stream their favorite game. It’s a pretty sweet streamer setup idea/ gift idea. Or maybe you just like Fortnite! Check it out here

Fortnite wall sticker

Flamingo Pick Axe sticker

Flamingo pick axe sticker from fortniteExceptional Fortnite clothes

Bush life Tee

Fornite bush life tee

Bush life Socks

Bush life fortnite socks

Loot all things tee

Loot all things fortnite shirt

There is a ton more Fortnite apparel, but I was not really impressed with some of the designs. A lot of them I think Kids will enjoy a lot. They are pretty kid styled tees. Then a lot of them just say Fortnite on them with the logo. Maybe there is something there for you though! Check out the rest here

BONUS: Drake plays Fortnite with Ninja! The stream snipers were out and in full effect during this stream that hit over 600k concurrent viewers!

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