Cool Pokemon Papercraft

Pokemon papercraft

Pokemon Papercraft

Aww the art of folding paper, thus dubbed papercraft. It is kind of like with craft, taking an object then crafting it into another. Unlike evil sorcery, this is not evil at all. This is fun, Papercraft is fun when you craft the paper into a character an object you love. For instance these Pokemon Papercrafts can be used as a cosplay. Or just for self enjoyment while hanging out in your room. I don’t care what you do with your craft as long as you enjoy it.

Papercrafting is awesome and the results can be cool, but can get pretty tedious and time consuming. So the art of papercraft isn’t for everyone.

Who papercraft is not for:

  • people who are lazy
  • people who are boring
  • people who have no imaginations
  • people who want it not

All joking aside you really do not have to craft these yourself if you got the money to pay for someone who already did it. Thanks to the internet we are lucky enough to be able to purchase these Pokemon papercraft pieces from RPScreations at a reasonable price.

If you are crafty then you already know that you can download templates of so many different characters. Pokemon papercraft isn’t just the only geeky things you can make out of paper as the possibilities are endless. Just google your “favorite thing” + papercraft and you will be on your way to endless papercrafting ideas.

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