Custom Dragon Ball Z Shoes

On our Instagram we feature a number of unknown geek art artists. Today I stumbled upon an Etsy user NykeriaShoes who created some awesome shoes. These shoes feature Dragon Ball Z artwork with a 100% unique design that NykeriaShoes has created on white canvas shoes. The work is fantastic quality and is well done.

Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z shoes

Custom dragon ball z shoes

If you purchase a pair of Dragon Ball Z shoes from Nykeria, you will receive a custom shoe. Meaning you won’t get what is pictured, but you will get your very own custom creation. You will be walking around in one off Dragon Ball Z shoes, that nobody else has. If your favorite characters are Goku and Krillin, then you will have them on your feet.

Shoe Durability

Now you might be thinking how will the design stay on, and won’t it get dirty. Well Nykeria has got that covered. They use 100% organic besswax to waterproof them. Then follows up with a sealant to protect them from dirt. If you are interested in ┬ápurchasing a pair of custom shoes, message Nykeria here and work out the details.

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