Did Call of Duty Black Ops kill PUBG/ Fortnite?

Did Call of Duty Black Ops kill PUBG Fortnite


Playerunkowns Battlegrounds, was the hottest shooter to come out in the past couple years. It was a new genre of shooter, the battle royale genre. Yes there was H1Z1, but PUBG was the first “realistic” styled battle royale and it took off like a rocket during beta. Everyone and their grandma was playing PUBG, it was popularized by streamers. AKA a good marketing team that gave the game to streamers who were bored with the current situation. Then of course we  have Fortnite that is extremely popular with the kids, but in my opinion just as poorly optimized as PUBG.

So did Call of Duty just over take PUBG?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout has not even released at the time I wrote this. Although fans of games did get a couple day beta test authorization. I want to tell you this now, it was amazing, it is everything I hoped that PUBG would be. It is a good mix between the realism of PUBG with a sprinkle of Fortnite fakeness, but not too over the top.

I won’t be the first to say this, but PUBG killed itself. They made tons of money, speculatively thrown at the game, but more then diffidently lining the pockets of the creator and developers mores so. If they actually wanted to fix the game and make it more playable, they could have. They had the financial resources to outsource new creative minds to fix the servers. Now with the Black Ops 4 release not that far away, it looks like time has run out.

How Black Ops 4 Compare to Fortnite and PUBG?

I have around 500 hours in PUBG and maybe a cool 200 hours in Fortnite. After playing Blackout for 4 hours, I can definitely say that the game is ten times more optimized then PUBG and Fortnite. That is what you get with a Triple A developer. I honestly didn’t think Treyarch could make it work, because they have been folowing their basic model for years. Well they shut me up, and shut me up pretty quickly.

The game is still only and beta and it is magnificent so far. A few User interface quirks here and there, but I know they will get ironed out for the most part. Oh and if you were worried about getting skins like in Fortnite, you will with Black ops. I don’t know if they will be as over the top, but you definitely have something to add to the customization of your characters and weapons.

How will a Triple A battle royale change the landscape of the genre?

What I fear with COD taking on the BR platform is the money pit of small transaction like map packs and such. Is it worth it for a better gaming experience? At PUBG’s rate of development, it probably is. Map packs and such are the reason why I stopped playing COD games after MW3, it was the same thing over and over.

That isn’t what I wanted, and they brought out something that is the same as the genre I love to play right now. Then made it way better and more playable. This may kick indie/ small time developers in the ass to let them know they need to put a little more hustle into their developing before a bigger company comes out and out develops you.

Wait what about Fortnite, did COD Blackout just kill it too?

A lot of kids love Fortnite, it’s easy to play and easy to get use to. That being said so is a Call of Duty game. Fortnite has a lot more colors and will stay around for a long time like Minecraft. Fortnite will take a huge hit in views and players once Black Ops 4 Releases in October. Then after that I think they will be around and popular for maybe another year.

A lot of streamers are pretty tired of Fortnite, they play it day and night. I know they want something fresh to play.  Blackout will be that game come October. No more silly gun bloom, damage depreciation, and janky shotguns, and no more silly run away get the high ground and block shots with the building aspect. Blackout will give us that in your face absolute action packed BR experience that I know Doctor Disrespect has been waiting for.


Yes, PUBG will be sitting 6 feet deep unless they manage to do something and do something NOW. Fortnite will take a huge hit, one similar to the one they gave PUBG after Fortnite became popular. COD did the game and genre right by making a properly optimized game. These are my thoughts before Blackout is officially released. I am 100% sure of them unless something goes wildly wrong.

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