DIY Elgato Key Light Alternative

DIY Elgato Key light alternative

Elgato key light alternatives do exist! Do you have the fancy Elgato Key Light panels or Key light air caught your eye? But you are a streamer on a budget, and don’t mind sacrificing some convenience for saved expenses? THEN THIS IS THE POST FOR YOU.

IMO it is a bit ridiculous to pay $200 for a single 2500 lumen light setup that Elgato offers. To be clear and upfront the I love how all the Elgato products communicate in theory and on paper. Although, I still can’t justify the Key light panels or any of the Elgato streaming products at this point in time. This is why I am here to offer you the Elgato Key light alternative. That I personally use to light up my stream!

Okay, so don’t fret my budget streamer friends I have the DIY alternative solution for you. You are the streamer on a budget or the streamer who just doesn’t want to get ripped off by Elgato. Or any other large company and make use of your best bang for the buck lighting product.

Elgato Key light alternative on a budget

First off I think that the light is extremely overpriced at the price of $200 for a single light and for the features that it offers. Clearly Elgato is taking advantage of people who don’t know any better and are looking for the “Best” product. While the only unique feature offered is the integration they have with stream deck. Which doesn’t matter if you don’t even own a stream deck. It is just a great marketing feature to hook you into the brand. There is nothing wrong with buying brand name products, but we are here to save you money for your budget streaming setup!

All the lighting setups you are about to see allow you to adjust the temperature of you light and the brightness as well. In all honesty though, how often do you think you will be adjusting you camera lighting?

If you are like me then you probably will never do that once you find the perfect lighting settings for your room. If you do that is fine, I’m just not there with ya. Although, you do have a cheaper option to adjust these settings without reaching around to the light, in which we will go over in option three of this list.

Parts list:

Personal Elgato Key light alternative setup: $125.99 on sale (11/3) OG price $140

  • LED Video light panel 2 pack- This is literally my setup, you get two light carrying case and two stands. Not the cleanest thing in the world but your stream does not see this.

Elgato Key light alternative 2 super budget: $42 or $112

  • Light panels by Neewer 2 pack – these come with mounts you can easily use on top of your desk, but might get in the way. My solution for that are adding in 2 monopods and clamps. This way you can mount them to the back or sid of the desk regaining desk space.
  • Aluminum Monopod
  • 2.3″ Clamp – Threaded table clamp (1/4-20) to mount to table

Elgato Key light alternative WIRELESS (with remote):

You can now mix the aluminum monopods and clamps from the second alternative option to the first and third options. Giving you a full range of Key light alternatives with varying prices that come out less than a SINGLE key light! These are all streamer on a budget friendly. You only lose out on brand names that brand name 1 year warranty and all that, but remember Amazon has a warranty option.

Now we have a wirelessly controlled adjust-ability for half the price of the Elgato solution. You lose out here on stream deck integration and the Elgato name. In my opinion it is a well worth it trade off. If you think about it, now you can have two Elgato Key light alternative solutions for one Elgato Key light, now that is even better!

TLDR/ Conclusion

You can save half the cost of an Elgato setup without stream deck integration by buying a custom mix and match of parts from amazon or a lighting store. The setup is way more space friendly than a diffused lighting setup and lights up your stream just as well.

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