Dragon Ball Z Flasks

Flasks aren’t for everyone. Supersaiyan flasks on the other hand are for everyone. Do you think Goku went on his awesome adventures without a flask? No way. So go on your very own alcoholic adventures with this Dragon Ball Z inspired flasks. The flask features two of your favorite Super Saiyan’s Goku, and Vegeta. Although I think Master Roshi would be more fitting for the face of a flask. Either way Goku and Vegeta are the more iconic characters.

The flask is made of stainless steel which will fit nicely in your pocket. Just as any awesome flask should. This flask will also set you apart from other flask users. As it is unique and a great little piece of geek culture. It lets on lookers know that you are an anime lover, and you love to party.

Dragon Ball Z Merchandise: Flasks

Vegeta Flask Here | Goku flask here

Dragon ball z Flasks

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