Dragon Ball Z Nimbus Painting

Dragon Ball Z Nimbus Painting

The flying nimbus is a pretty iconic cloud in the Dragon Ball series. The little yellow magical cloud was Goku’s first speedy means of transportation.  The joy on Goku’s face when he received the Nimbus from Master Roshi for saving one of Roshi’s turtle pals. Only those of pure heart can fly the nimbus. Lucky for you that it doesn’t take a pure heart to own an awesome painting. You can now enjoy this awesome Nimbus as a panoramic painting that features a London background. It would look great in your game room, man cave, bedroom, or even living room if you wife allows it.

Dragon Ball Z Nimbus

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Item details:

A premium canvas print of Goku in London.

Printed onto High Quality Canvas Matte

18mm Frame Depth

Varnished for protection

Available in different panoramic sizes

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