Durarara!! Celty Helmet

Celty Helmet Cosplay Prop

Celty Sturluson aka The Black Rider or Headless Rider from the anime Durarara. She wears a helmet when she goes out. It is quite an eye catching motorcycle helmet. The Celty helmet looks like a cat, and conceals Celty’s lack of a head. In the anime or mangas you learn that she senses through the sensors that are emitted from her neck.
If you don’t know Celty then none of this is making any sense. As it shouldn’t because you need to get into the series to find out more or check out the Durarara!! wiki.

If you are looking to cosplay as Celty Sturlson. You have a few options in getting yourself a Celty helmet.

  1. Create your own via Instructables
  2. Buy one

For me option 2 is the way I would go. Don’t get me wrong I love creating things, but molding things has never quite worked out. It always ends up uneven and I simply rush it.

Unfortunately for us the $600 actual Celty motorcycle helmet no longer for sale. Fortunately though there are some affordable Celty helmets made specifically for cosplay, Halloween, or just wearing around the house.

The first one in my opinion is the best option, with a lack of options. Check it out here
Now there is a second option, but I think it is quite ugly you can have a look at that one here.

Cosplay celty helmet

Now my favorite option for the Celty helmet is the plush one. It’s soft it’s a plushie and you can actually wear the helmet! More info here

Celty motorcycle helmet plush