Facebook Gaming Streaming Platform Isn’t for me

Facebook Gaming streaming platform

A while back I wrote an article that got me hyped and ready to stream. It was about the potential of gaining a quick audience on a newer streaming platform. A platform with a ton of viewers already, which is Facebook. I pointed out how the Facebook wanted their streaming platform to succeed and the potential benefits of starting a stream on Facebook.

Well I was more or less wrong. Streaming on Facebook started like my twitch stream, with dead silence in my stream and a large goose egg number of viewers (none). This was totally expected my current audience was not use to me going live and I knew they didn’t really want to see me and that is fine. I just kept with it and kept grinding it out, and eventually people started coming in chatting a bit and viewing the stream. The numbers were nothing crazy, but way more viewers than I was getting when I did a month of Twitch.

So, my initial thoughts were that this is great, lets up the quality of the stream and make sure people want to stay around and return to the stream. I got a new mic, the lowest end XLR mic setup that you can get on a budget, better lighting and upped the amount of time streaming. So, two months in It was still going great then in month three when Call of Duty Blackout came out, I was BANNED.

I was super excited for COD, I maybe got 3-4 streams in playing it then all of a sudden, I could not stream on Twitch anymore. Facebook banned me with no reason, just flat out banned me. I contacted everyone, from their official FB group to the help center. The official FB group admin (FB employee) gave me a false sense that he/she was going to get me back up and running.

Days go by, then weeks go by and I am messaging this admin weekly. They are telling me it’s going to get taken care of and that the escalated my ticket. The Facebook employee was flat out lying to me.

I did more research and discovered other users getting 30-day bans. So, I reluctantly waited the 30 days while constantly messaging my FB contact and “Support”. I say “Support” because I’m 100% sure it is a damn bot. To this very day my ticket is still open and nobody has replied to it.

At this point I was able to stream again and did so, and I was getting no viewers. All the hard work I put in gone once again. Facebook has cucked my growth again. Being optimistic I streamed a few more times just to make sure I didn’t have to get it going again. Nope still cucked.

So, I have abandoned the Cuckerberg ship and decided not to make these a** hats any money with my views. Then took it back to twitch where I’m learning to grow a community there.

Now, my story is a mere fail story, and I was probably just grouped in with the unlucky ones that got banned in their sh*t system. As lots of streamers are gaining success, but I am unfortunately not going to let them bring me down a notch again so I am going to be staying off of their streaming platform for good (I hope). You may gain success quickly on Facebook gaming, but do not be surprised if you get no help at all when something goes wrong with your stream and their network. Use Facebook gaming at your own risk, I hope my experience can help you in your future streaming endeavor.

Check out my Twitch stream at www.twitch.tv/geektak

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