Gaming on a Mac

gaming on a mac

TLDR: Simply Just DON’T bother. When It comes to ‘real’ gaming.

Gaming on a Mac

I don’t own a mac, but I have used plenty of them. Mac OS’s do not have the gamer in mind at all as their primary consumer are creatives. Unless you like flash games or very simplistic games that can run on just about anything and in a browser, but I personally would not consider that gaming on a mac.

Basic macs have more than enough processing power with an i7 processor. They just simply lack a compatible OS for games, as most games run on windows computers. When developers develop a game, they usually go towards the larger market. This happens to be Windows, but they are also growing the Linux library.

Why not port it to macOS?

Well without getting technical Mac is more difficult and expensive to port to. Which makes it not really worth doing financially, and for such a small market use. The market being that of Mac owners who want to game. Macs have solidified their product commercially for easy use creating things. I say commercially because I can do everything on a Mac that I can do on a PC, but for a fraction of the cost. Anyways most of the Mac users bought their Mac for content creations, or as a status symbol.

But can I make my Mac game?

Sure you can. Financially it wouldn’t make any sense to. Plus, the process of putting windows on the Mac or dual booting the mac will take up a lot of your time. If you are on a Macbook Pro then you would need to add an external graphics card on top of adding Windows on it. From my point of view, it just seems like a waste of time and money. Maybe worth it if you are loaded, but even then I’d just buy a bad ass gaming PC.

Links that will help you venture into Gaming on a mac

Ultimately you can do whatever the hell you want to do, this is simply just my suggestion. Buying an actual gaming PC makes more sense to me. This is just my opinion as I don’t really care for Macs or macOS. I can use it and navigate through it without any problems, the command and option key barely throw me off.  I just do not see any benefits of having an overpriced luxury product that can’t game at least occasionally on a low frame rate without too much modification.


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