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Geek man caves are unlike a “Manly man’s” man cave, to put it simply it is better. The “Manly” man cave consists of sports teams big screen TV’s, maybe a pool table and what not. The geek man cave has all your nostalgia from your childhood on up, action figures, light sabers, things that stimulate your mind other than adrenaline packed sports. Don’t get me wrong my cave will consist of the sports teams that I love and grew up watching, but it will have even more of the stuff I have loved over the years. So check out these super badass geek man cave ideas and accessories that can help you on the journey to starting your very own geeky man cave!

Geek Man Cave Stuff

For the minimalist in some of us these posters are super awesome and classy, yet keep the draw of a modern Star Wars Lover. Get them here

Geek Man cave star wars minimalist posters 1 Geek Man cave star wars minimalist posters 2For those of who have a stairway leading to our man cave, this super awesome idea of lighting the hall with all the lightsabers!
Lightsabers come in many varieties cheap, expensive, replica. you can find them herehere, here, and here
And the posters here
Star Wars man caves 1Or maybe light up your computer station. Storm trooper helmet | Boba Fett HelmetStar Wars man caves 2I don’t think this one is readily available for purchase, but it sure is sweet. If I had the money to pay someone to fabricate this set for me I sure would, maybe you do, either way this is an amazing idea for any geek cave. More InfoGeek man cave NES table Invaders chairWhy keep normal light switches in your super awesome man cave? When you can have the Power-up arcade light switch plate

Arcade light switch

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