Dragon Ball Z Goku Spirit bomb lamp

Dragon Ball Z Goku Spirit Bomb Lamp

First Goku lamp to hit the internet (See updates at the bottom)

Goku spirit bomb lamp Dragon Ball Z merchandise

Goku spirit bomb lamp 2 Goku spirit bomb lamp 3

This is what you get when you use your creative genius. Combine a lamp with a Goku Dragon Ball Z action figure and you get a super badass lamp. If you are not familiar with the Dragon Ball series watch this video to put it into perspective.


I know where you can find the action figure Here, but can’t seem to find the lamp. Either way you can probably come up a way to build yourself your own version of the Goku spirit bomb lamp and maybe come up with something as equally cool. Maybe use one of these LED light bulbs and make a Krillin destructo disc lamp or some other DIY Dragon Ball Z lamp.


Where you can buy the Goku lamp and more variations of it!

After tons of viral exposure of the above lamp. Nobody could find a seller of the lamp, because it wasn’t for sell. Just a one off item someone made for themselves. So like good internet entrepreneurs many people had hit the work bench to put together this easily made lamp into different variations. You could obviously make one yourself if you really wanted to but. If you are still one of the lazy users who don’t want to build yourself a Goku lamp, here is your chance to shell out some cash and purchase a few different variations of the lamp.

Goku explosion LED lampGoku Explosion Lamp by DBlampZ

Goku Genki lampGoku Genki lamp

DBlampZ also has a few more creative DBZ lamps that are more scenic than the original version. Either way you should go check them out!

Old Dragon Ball Z lamps

These ones were cool and one of the first reproduction of the Goku spirit bomb lamp, but are sadly discontinued

Goku lamp dragon ball z buy

Goku spirit bomb lamp dragon ball z buy

where to buy Spirit bomb Goku lamp

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