Heroes of The Storm is my new favorite MOBA

Why I play hotsWe have DOTA and League of Legends which I would consider as the most popular MOBA in the last few years. There are other MOBA’s out there, but I have only played these two in the last 4 years. My friends have recently picked up HOTS (Heroes of the Storm) so I joined them as well, and HOTS has become my new favorite MOBA. Each game has their pro’s and cons.

DOTA Pros:

  • So many types of build can be had among its characters.
  • Well Balanced system, and competitive
  • Challenging and rewarding
  • Steep learning curve (a pro because some people love to learn)
  • Fun to play with friends
  • Game is constantly updated
  • All the heroes are free

Dota Cons:

  • Community is pretty bad
  • Steep Learning curve (IMO compared to LOL and HOTS)
  • Long grindy games
  • Professional players dictate the META. IE constant picks that popular players wreck people with.

LOL Pros:

  • Easy learning curve (I played on a laptop with a track pad and would be constantly munching on snacks, and still did fairly well)
  • Casual gameplay modes
  • Usually the games are dictated by the better lane farmer (last hitting)
  • LOL Cons:
  • Must unlock Heroes (there is a free rotation)
  • Long grindy games
  • Cookie cutter heroes – IE every other hero is like each other
  • Low specs, don’t need a high end PC – Check out our low cost build here

HOTS pros:

  • Easy to learn
  • No farming
  • Focused on team fights
  • Games don’t take an hour

HOTS cons:

  • Must unlock heroes (also has a free rotation)
  • It’s a grind to earn in game money to unlock things

HOTS is really just a combination of the easiness of LOL with the fun DOTA fights. Coming from playing both of the other games HOTS is way more casual then both. Frankly the casualness is what I have been needing. Farming can be stressful the long games can be stressful then dissatisfying when you lose. Some of the HOTS games are sweet and short, which mean you can get in more games and not give up so much time on one.

It really does come down to preference, and learning DOTA will make playing LOL or HOTS 10x easier. As I feel anyone with zero MOBA experience can learn LOL and HOTS n a day or two. While DOTA will take you quite a while.

The ease of play and focus on team fights makes me really like HOTS. I don’t care about all these MOBA feuds or which MOBA is better. It is all about what I like and want to play, because I will probably drop them all eventually, and HOTS may be my very last game of the genre. If you are tired of the grind and hour long games then yes hop on HOTS, I totally recommend it.

UPDATE: I think I’m over MOBA’s for now, and have stopped playing this game. I’m back on the shooter train, currently running PUBG. Check out my opinion of PUBG here

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