How to Become a Streamer

How to become a streamer dr disrespect and amouranth

Dr. Disrespect and Amouranth

So you want to become a video game streamer?

You might think that you’re not good enough, not pretty enough for broadcasting, or not funny enough. Well lucky for you none of the f*cken matters. You really only need one of those skills and the will power to learn and adapt to the audience. To be honest some of the largest streamers like pro CSGO players get over 40k live viewers a stream. The same can go for untalented game players who have spectacular commentary, or other outstanding characteristics. The point here is that you, me, anybody can get into a niche of streaming and gain an audience. I’m here to help you figure out how to become a streamer, but it will be up to you to figure out your niche, and to be persistent in chasing your stream dreams.

What will you need to start streaming? (Equipment)

  • A decent PC – If you already have a PC then you may be good to go in this department. If not I made a post that made me decide that I wanted to go with a Ryzen PC build for gaming and streaming. You can check out the build here about halfway down the page.
  • A mic – You will have many options here from low $10 budget mics, Gaming headset mic combos, and audiophile headphones and XLR mics
  1. Budget Lavaliere zalman zm-mic1 – Popular recommenced cheap mic don’t expect much from it, but at least you can get it close to your mouth and set it up to do the job
  2. Gaming Headset – I will recommend the Kingston HyperX Cloud CoreHyperX  Cloud II. The cloud series is all essentially the same with the Core version being more budget friendly at 60 bucks and the Cloud II’s at 99. The more expensive version features changeable ear cushions, a better mic, and 7.1 surround sound USB dongle. Obviously there are many other, but I believe the HyperX ‘s to have the best sound and mic for the price.
  3. ‘Budget’ Desk Mic and Audiophile Headphones – So this part could be long winded and debated to hell, but I will just make it easy for you and list some entry level equipment to get you started.  Audio-Technica ATR2100beyerdynamic DT 770 , and some sort of scissor mic stand.
  • Webcam – Most streamers usually have their webcams set in 720p small in a corner so you can go straight 720p with the Logitech C270 for around $20. Or you can go all out and get the Logitech C920 or greater from around $57 and up. I personally went with the c270  because I planned on streaming in 720p only anyway. Mostly due to the poor internet connection around my parts.

What will you need mentally?

You probably won’t be an overnight streaming sensation, and if you think you are you are already failing. No matter what you think about the larger streamers whether you hate them or not and think they don’t deserve the following they have acquired. They probably do deserve it, they put in the work, they found their niche and built their fan base. Which is exactly what you need to be doing. So set your mind up knowing that you probably will initially fail, but from there your goal is to overcome that failure and become a great streamer.

Prepare you PC

Now that you have acquired all your equipment you will have to get your streaming software prepped and ready. I personally use OBS for streaming, and Voicemeeter Banana for managing the audio. I won’t walk you through this, but luckily for you some YouTubers have already covered the process.

Before officially starting the stream I would do a local recording to fine tune the audio so that it sounds great over the broadcast.

Now start streaming! ( a little motivation)

So you got your PC setup, you set up the software now the only thing left is to do it. You can get ideas of what you should be doing from other popular streamers. If you love first person shooters, I would highly recommend the face of Twitch aka Dr. Disrespect, he has broadcasting production down to a T and his character is hilarious. For other genres I can’t recommend anyone, but you should just watch streams and see who entertains you.

Do not mimic anyone else though. But rather see what they are doing right and put your spin on it so that it is original. This may take some trial and error, but I believe in you.

Whatever you do DON’T give up in the first month. If a month goes by and you gained 5 legit active followers, that is progress. You will have to take your time and figure out how to double that number so don’t quit your day job yet. Stick with it, be original, and try to entertain, you will have massive competition so try to stand out from the crowd.

Remember the top streamers were just like you when you started out. Zero followers, zero direction, just a being with a PC and a love for gaming and want to entertain.

For extended info check out our streaming setup guide


The overhead for getting into streaming isn’t that expensive if you already own a properly spec’d PC. Anyone can do it, it is just about figuring out how to do it well. You don’t necessarily need the best equipment when starting out, figure out how to entertain then upgrade the setup from there. Finding your niche can be difficult, but you can ease into it if you do what you love. Lastly don’t give up so soon stick it out you will not be an over night sensation (it could happen, just don’t bet on it lol).

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