IRL Stream backpack

When you start getting more serious about IRL streaming. It may be time to look into upgrading your setup to something more powerful and convenient in. This is in the form of a stream backpack. 

A IRL stream backpack that is already made and setup can run you around $2000-$3000 not including the internet provider services. This gets you most of the necessary items that are need it for a stream backpack and you pay for the convenience.

Or you can go the “budget” route and do a little DIY. There is nothing wrong with a DIY and they can be had for a lot cheaper

DIY IRL Stream Backpack Recommended Setup

  • AVerMedia ExtremeCap – This is a capture card, and as far as I know one of the only capture cards on the market. It can be buggy at times but you will just have to deal with it until something better comes along.
  • Sony X3000r – Is the camera choice and the camera most stream backpacks go with. It can do 60FPS, although you would be lucky to get 30 FPS on mobile. (Maybe this will change when 5g comes around, but only time will tell)
  • Your smartphone – one of the key pieces to getting all this to work and will really make your price vary. If you already have a decent smartphone then you won’t have to factor this price in at all.
  • Backpack – You will need to mount your Sony camera onto the shoulder strap, and I’d recommend and extra battery or two depending on how long you plan on streaming that day.

How long will this setup last on a full charge?

  • about 90 minutes on a fresh battery, this time will decrease as the battery starts to age.

Why a DIY setup?

This setup is to get you going if you don’t have the money to blow on a nicer setup like the Gurun’s backpack. It really comes down to your budget and how invested you become in IRL streaming.

Do you want to spend on a good setup right off the bat? Or do you want to ease your way in and see if you like to actually IRL stream? Either way you will be spending some money to get started

Benefits on buying the more expensive backpack?

The more expensive backpack integrates different 4g signals for always on connectivity. Instead of just relying on your phones single service. If you have only Sprint and go into a spot with terrible sprint signal your connection will drop live on stream. The multi-4G setup will cycle though the stronger service in that area.

So if you are basically trying to stay connected continuously then this is the obvious route you should go if your funds allow it. If not it’s okay to start small and expand your setup from there. Once your channel starts to grow and your content is taking off. You then can upgrade your quality, enhancing the video for your viewers.

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