Is Fortnite better than PUBG?

Is fortnite better than pubg

Fortnite and PUBG are the two hottest battle royale games on the market right now. Well technically the only playable BR games currently. Being that PUBG was the first BR out before Fortnite. There is hot debate among the gaming communities about which game is better. So the question right now is which game is better Fortnite or PUBG?

Now I think that this question is completely stupid. The games are in the same genre, but in reality they bring you completely different experiences. Both games are better in their own respective ways. So I don’t understand this debate. There is nothing to debate besides which game would you like to play?

So which game should I play Fortnite or PUBG?

Now this is a good question. One that only you can answer. It be decided on your own gaming preferences, and style of gameplay. I’ll elaborate a little more on each game and you can draw a conclusion for yourself.

Do you like third person perspective(TPP) or First Person Perspective(FPP)?

This may not be an issue for some people, but some people like myself prefer the FPP view. TPP and FPP are both offered in PUBG while Fortnite offers only TPP. This is obviously a matter of preference, and you have more options for playing either in PUBG.

Gaming Style

Fortnite offers a faster paced gaming experience as the Fortnite game map is small. This forces a lot of engagement and keeps the game moving. The aesthetics of Fortnite are more cartooney and may or may not but you. Fortnite involves another aspect to gaming and shooters where you can build forts. You can build stuff in order to protect yourself or to build ramps up to your enemies, and a whole lot of in between if you can use your imagination. It’s kind of like if PUBG had a baby with Minecraft you would get Fortnite.

One gripe for me about Fortnite is that the game is shotgun and rocket launcher heavy which can get kind of annoying. Also currently the rifles shoot weird and not like a normal FPS which is easy to overcome, but just annoying. Apparently they may make the shooting aspect more like other FPS games but as I’m writing this it still shoots funny.

PUBG can be played fast pace to an extent. You can land at a hot spot such as school or military and get lots of action off the bat. Then after that the game usually slows down mid game. The game is naturally slow, and players play with extreme caution. I really hate playing solos in PUBG, I can’t tell you how many times I have been killed by someone hiding in the restroom within the playzone. Like why did you buy this game? Just to hide here and camp out for 30 minutes to win the game with one kill? This can be a drag but it’s the nature of the game. The game is aesthetically bland to give you the feel of a deescalate military wasteland or like a mad max feel.

Cost of Fortnite and PUBG

Fortnite BR is a free to play game. This alone gives it a huge advantage over PUBG. Fornite markets extremely well to kids as it has tooney aesthetics and cost absolutely nothing unless you want to play the main game then you have to shell out.

PUBG on the other hand  costs $30 full price. I have seen it as low as $20 during sales. PUBG is marketable as well like a COD game promoting more of a realism game play which captures a bit of an older audience. PUBG did just release their mobile version which is completely free on Android and Apple, but I can’t tell you how it compares to the full version.

Game Optimization

Fortnite plays way more smoother than PUBG. Although, both have their own issues with netcode. Netcode talk can be super complicated but you can easily watch some YouTube videos comparing their netcode. So I’ll give you the shorthand of what I have seen. Both Fortnite and PUBG have pretty slow netcode compared to other games. PUBG falls within a second slower than Fortnite on average. So if you have a bad connection and the server isn’t doing so hot it can spell out some disaster for your gameplay.

This may or may not be due to the amount of players on the server. With 100 people comes a 100 different possibilities ranging from everyone’s connection. I think Fortnite plays a lot smoother because the game has less fine details which is just another factor for stuff loading in. So both games can use an upgrade in the netcode department. Only time will tell if we will get those upgrades.


Hackers plagues only gaming tremendously.  I know for a fact there are a tone on PUBG as they have openly told us how many people have been banned, and it’s a lot. Before they implemented the replay system I had no idea if I died from a hacker. Now with the replay implementation I can be for sure if the person is hacking. You can notice people hacking if the cursor snaps to your head or if they are peaking you when they never saw you in the first place. Along with a slew of other hacks. The same can be said with Fortnite, but they don’t have a replay system to tell for sure. All games have their share of hackers, and it really sucks for all communities. It isn’t a Fortnite or PUBG only issue, but hopefully both games can get it squared away to a certain level.


The games are different, both can be played with your friends. Maybe you should see what your friends are into so that at least you will have a fun time playing with them. Me and one set of my friends curse blueballs to the high heavens yet we still keep playing. We enjoy it we can get screwed over because of a glitch, but sometimes we get that good ol’ laught out of it.

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