Is Quake Champions Worth it?

is quake champions worth it
In a see of Battle Royales from the original PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds. To the “copycat” competitors  Fortnite, Realm Royale and whatever has popped up in the last 6 months. We have Quake Champions. A simple FPS shooter that has a very nice fast pace. Which could be a good change from the battle royale genre.

On a personal level I got a bit gassed from the long tedious PUBG matches that would end in some game breaking lag. Or Fortnite which is a shooter that comes down to you being good at building and essentially hiding. Now both of those games have their benefits and are pretty fun depending on who you talk to. Essentially the battle royale things pace is pretty slow at points in the game. So a team death match styled game has been what I have been missing.

I could buy a Call of Duty game, but those have not really changed since Black Ops came out. It has been the same game over and over and I have to pay $60 bucks for it. Where as Quake Champions is currently free to play on Steam. I also don’t see myself playing either COD or Quake for too much extended amount of time. So the Free option speaks to me in this frugal gamer state of mind.

Quakes mechanics and graphics are pretty primal, in that they aren’t the best graphics and it keeps it simple. You spawn with weapons, you kill the enemy that it. The pace is super fast and it doesn’t take that much time getting use to shooting people if you have been playing shooters for a while. I will have to be honest, I probably just miss playing a quake game as it has been a very long time since ive played one. It seems like the same style game play as Arena, but way more updated deeming it nostalgic.

So is Quake worth it?

It most definitely is if you are looking for a fast pace FPS. If you are not too worried about super high end graphics. It’s now on steam so you don’t need another stand alone launcher to clutter your PC. It’s free so you can literally just uninstall it and never worry about it again if you don’t like it. So take that break from Fortnite and PUBG and enjoy some Violence, Speed, and Momentum in this classic shooter.

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