It sucks to be a girl gamer on the internet

It sucks to be a girl gamer on the internet mnda_raeIt sucks to be a girl gamer

I am a male geek/gamer, and I have realized that it really sucks being a girl gamer. How can I realize this? Well I run Geektak, the blog you are on right now and the Instagram page with over 100k followers. A lot of my interactions are with female cosplayers, geeks, gamers, nerds. A lot of my comments on their photos are of men hating on them saying they are not really gamer girls/ geeks/ nerds or whatever. In my opinion it sucks to be a gamer girl, and it sucks that this sub culture puts down people who love the same things as they do.

Why does the geek culture hate girl gamers?

I am still struggling to understand why so many males hate women gamers. They like to insist that the girl has never played a game before, that they are only holding the controller for a photo opportunity, that they know nothing about anything. Well Mr. Expert gamer man, how the fuck do you know this? You have never seen this girl before, you don’t live in the same state, possibly not even in the same country. Yet you really want to make these accusations because you are an internet tough guy aka a bully.

  • Maybe these guys are just so angry that a girl is better than them in a video game.
  • Maybe these guys just don’t even know how to talk to girls in real life, so they default to making the girl feel inadequate.

It’s just hard for me personally to wrap my mind around what these people are thinking because I simply don’t see the problem with a gamer girl. I mean I myself have not played a lot of the “must play games” yet nobody ever questions me and tells me that I am not a gamer.

It really is a photo opportunity.

Yup, that’s right the girl holding onto the Xbox or PS4 controller is taking a picture for photography purposes. THIS IS INSTAGRAM a picture sharing site where people take aesthetically pleasing pictures to share with people. That still does not disprove that the girl is not a geek/ gamer girl because you still don’t know her personally, and with that attitude you never will.

It sucks to be a girl gamer on the internetImg: Geektak X Mnda_rae X _Miggles

Look at this image, what right minded person would think she was actually playing a game at this very moment? I mean the photographer is standing right in front of the TV. Anyways if you go find this image on our Instagram you will probably find some hateful comments that don’t make any sense. The usual insult on this type of photo would be people don’t play games in their underwear. Really? I play in my underwear 80% of the time if I’m at home, and I usually do have a bag of chips or some sort of snack to snack on during a cut screen or death. Just because a girl likes to pose for a picture still doesn’t take away that she really likes to game.

If you are a pretty Gamer girl, it sucks to be a girl gamer.

Now this might apply to anything in life in general but the unattractive girls (some of them) hate the pretty girls (cultural standard blah blah blah), I’ve seen some go off just as bad as the males.  I get it you cannot believe that this smoking hot girl can possibly be into the same stuff as you, but again you don’t really know that, and you sure can’t disprove that they are not a gamer/ geek.

What if all these pretty people went on to you photos and told you that you were not a real geek because you are ugly? That make no sense am I right? Hating on someone who is pretty can be a long winded topic, so all I will say about that is you can thank your parents for your genes. Fix your personality first before trying the blame another gamer girl for your shortcomings.

You will be getting dick pics, and lots of them so it sucks to be a girl gamer.

For some reason guys love to send unsolicited dick pics to girls on Instagram. I still don’t get this thought process of thinking it is okay to send your dick out to some girl on the internet. Even if she is in her underwear, or you see a little bit of cleavage that doesn’t make it right.

  • See pretty girl online with a little leg showing
  • Next step: get a boner and send it to her
  • Apply some tasteful text: “You like what you see. Send me some nudes.”

It sucks to be a girl gamer on the internet unsoliced dick picsNow what is even more disturbing is that some kids will send you pictures of their dicks. That is just way to gross to even think about, but you can thank technology for that one. If you want to laugh at more direct messages like this check out @mndaraes.dms on Instagram

Advice for everyone

The people leaving these bullying comments on your Instagram photos and just around the internet anywhere, might just be little kids. Little kids have so much access to the internet at this point. They have tablets, smart TV’s, phones, just about everything can get you on the web talking nonsense. So before you start an argument with these little trolls click their profile, just make sure it is sort of worth your time to argue. But I don’t think there is ever a good time to argue with these people. If the comment really hurts your feelings just let the page owner know, so that they can remove the comment. Being a gamer girl  is still just being a GAMER, if you like games you like games. So the title of gamer girl shouldn’t be construed as something negative, it is simply a girl who games.

In the long run this really just helps you weed out all the simple minded people out there. These people have a single track mind and just don’t care what you have to say. You can disprove them and they will keep chugging along spouting their hate. In my opinion just ignore them, there is no point of trying to convert these twats. It really is just a waste of breath (or text). If you enjoy gaming and the geek culture who gives a damn about anyone who tries to stop your enjoyment, fuck them.

This was just a little rant I thought I had to put out there, I’m probably not touching on a lot of things because there are a lot of positives, and more negatives. Possibly some solutions that can help combat the gamer girl hate.

If you have something to add to this conversation leave a comment below. If it is good i’ll credit you and add it into the blog post!

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  1. Aging Gamer says:

    Preach it, brother! I’m a woman in my 40s (happily married, two kids, full-time job) and I’ve been gaming since I got an Atari 2600 for Christmas, when I was 10 years old. I spent my early teens in arcades. I was there when “ET killed gaming” and when the GameBoy “saved gaming.” I’ve played on damn near every single console system that was ever churned out. I have at home a Wii U, a PS3, an Xbox 1 and two gaming rigs that I built for myself and my 14-year-old son.

    Having said all of that, I don’t usually announce my gender when I play MMOs or when I comment online because too often, it’s a ridiculous shitstorm. I have been banned from teams because I was unwilling to talk dirty. A question I posed on an build forum was spammed with derogatory comments (that I was lying about my gender/ that I was prolly super fat and ugly/ that I was there to get laid.) I quit going to MicroCenter a few years ago because when I asked the 30-something employee about a mobo, he said, “well, what did your husband tell you to get?” (Beer. My husband doesn’t know anything about gaming or computers and he doesn’t want to know. He leaves that up to me.)

    Even when I talk to guys at work about gaming–and we’re talking about guys of all races, ages 20s through 50s–every single one of them has said, at one point, “But you don’t LOOK like a gamer.” Why not? Because I’m middle aged and dressed like a lawyer (which I happen to be?) Because I’m not a scantily-clad gamerslut, nor a “fat, ugly slob with no life?”

    And don’t even get me started on the games themselves. The games that treat male and female protagonists with equal care and agency are few and far between. (Thank goodness for companies like Bethesda, Bioware and indie games.)

    I can’t force a industry change. What I can do is not spend my dollars on games that either treat female characters like whores (Grand Theft Auto, et. seq), or which lack a female protaganist for no reason other than, “Mmmm, we didn’t feel like it.” And I don’t mean that I expect a game like, “The Witcher” to have a female protaganist. Geralt isn’t “a” protaganist, like The Hero of Kvatch, or The Warden. He’s “THE” protaganist of the entire series.

    But Titanfall 2? Battlefield 1? Assassin’s Creed Unity? Far Cry 4? The reasons the companies offered for not including a female protaganist were pathetic and lame. (Don’t believe me? Bethesda only has two studios and under two hundred employees. Ubisoft has over 20 studios and 3500 employees. Yet Bethesda has female protaganists and has for years.) Mass effect: Adromeda comes out in March. I’ve already made my pre-release purchase because Bioware doesn’t ignore half the gaming population.

    I am the sort of consumer that the gaming industry should want–namely, have a lot of discretionary income and I stay up to date on games, platforms and hardware. You’d think they’d do more to make me want to spend my money.

  2. Allison says:

    I personally find this rhetoric is dissipating, at least in the communities I find myself in (Huge CS/Insurgency/Arma player). I still get that one friend request that I wish I didn’t accept asking for pictures or sending pictures, but I’ve found it less frequent in the last few years.

    I find there has been a shift as newer gamers “take the torch”. The younger generation seems to be more tolerant and accepting then the “boys club” mentality of gamers when I was growing up. Again just my personal experience, but it seems like when I play these games and somebody attempts to pick on my gender it’s met with disapproval and sometimes even punishment (admins kick them).

    That being said the industry still has a very long way to go, but most of these studios are still filled with those bitter male gamers that feel like we’ve invaded their hobby. But industries are dependent on demand, and the market for strong female protagonists and feminine games is growing so I have hope that we’ll see this “boys club” mentality shrink.

  3. Panilla says:

    Something that I would like to add is that while I don’t condone treating particularly attractive female gamers badly, there’s also the fact if you’re just an average looking woman, or God forbid happen to overweight, that some male gamers just don’t want us to exist either. It crosses my mind a lot, because while the most attractive female gamers tend to be more visible, there isn’t a lot of info on how unattractive or fat girl gamers are treated. I would like to switch to the gaming industry, but I’m not sure how realistic it is if you don’t look a certain way.

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