Jybe, Guess that minimalist character!

Guess that minimalist character the simpsons

Jybe is a Swiss designer who has mixed pixel art and pop culture in a web-based project called “Characters”.

The idea is to represent famous characters sort by themes (Cartoons, Comics, Cinema, etc.) with a stack of colored bricks and share them as minimalist pop culture puzzles.

The visual concept inherit from an old Lego Ad from 2012.

To play the game you can simply go on his web site and try to recognize the famous characters. Click on the images if you need some hints and click again to show the answers.

But as you know, it may be dangerous to travel the web alone, so don’t hesitate to ask a friend to join you in this quest … you’ll double your fun !


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    Thank you for this article Geektak ! 🙂


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