Keyboard Mods: Pokemon Keyboard

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Pokemon Keyboard stickers

If you are a hardcore Pokemon fan then you are probably always looking for ways to mod Pokemon into your life. The Pokemon keyboard stickers can set you apart. They take your average looking boring computer keyboard and add your favorite characters to it. For example Pikachu will be on the “P” key, and Gengar on the “G” key.  For around $16 you can’t really go wrong with this sweet little mod that I doubt many have. In addition to keyboard stickers you can also mod out your laptop with vinyl Pokemon stickers. Giving your Pokemon super fan laptop a little more flare. You can check out all the varieties of Pokemon Keyboard stickers and vinyls here.

Keyboard Mods Pokemon pokemon vinyl stickers Image source |Etsy|

Mechanical Pokemon Keyboard

Now we can take it a step further for those hardcore PC master race lovers. If you are a PC gamer chances are that you have or want a mechanical keyboard. If you already have a mechanical keyboard, it is time to transform it into a mechanical Pokemon Keyboard. Now I really prefer this mod over the Pokemon keyboard stickers because it will probably last a lot longer. Although this method may be a bit more pricey at around $60 for the custom keys.

Behance user Ingrid Pierre has created an awesome PokeBoard V2 template that is free. That is right the template is free, but you will still have to find a place to create you custom keys which will vary in cost and shipping. If you have a little bit of graphic design know how you can use her template to create your very own custom setup. Such as adding in your own Pokemon, adjust some things to make it your very own Pokemon keyboard

Keyboard Mods Mechanical pokemon keyboard

Pokemon Emoji Keyboard

Now if you want to step your Pokemon game up even more you can add a Pokemon Keyboard to you Android or IOS device. Creatively called the Pokemoji  which brings Pokemon emoticons to to your smartphone.  The Pokemoji Pokemon keyboard allows it’s user to select species and types and add them to your text messages. This will probably make your friends ask you where the hell you got that emoji from, you can either tell them from Behance or make them wonder forever as you spam Pokemon emojis in their faces.

Keyboard Mods emoji Pokemon Keyboard

If you know of any other sweet Pokemon mods add them in the comments below!