Magikarp Crochet Pokemon Hat

I remember I used to get upset when I played Pokemon Blue on my Game Boy Color. When a Magikarp would pop up when I was fishing. I had no use for this floppy Pokemon and its splash attack. Even though Magikarp was not sought out for, his evolution was. Which brings me to Pokemon Go where I found myself trying to catch a lot of them just to evolve them into a Gyarados.

Now I really want myself this Crochet Magikarp hat. It looks freaking sweet, as if you have a Magikarp stuck on your head.

Check it out here. Created by SkyLay

Magikarp Pokemon Hat

  • Useless Pokemon, but will keep your head warm
  • Handmade through crochet
  • 100% Soft acrylic yarn
  • Available for sizes from child to large adult

Crochet magikarp pokemon hat

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