Master Sword and Hylian Shield Replica For Sale

The Master Sword is such an iconic sword in the Zelda series. It is a recurring sword in the Legend of Zelda series that is used to destroy evil. Now you won’t be able to vanquish evil with this replica statue. Although, it will be an awesome addition to and Zelda fans collection. The best part is that the statue is life sized. It also can be lighten up with the multi colored LED’s that are installed. This one is also based off of the newest installment of the game Breathe of The Wild. As it is the Resurrection statue from this Zelda game.

The Master Sword

You can check it out here created by MikesLegendaryCrafts on Etsy

Master Sword and Hylian Shield Replica For Sale

Now if I bought this sword I would definitely want to hang up the Hylian Shield behind it or at least somewhere in the room. There are many creators of Hylian Shield replicas, but I chose this one. This one is a full sized replica, it looks sturdy, and the overall quality looks great. The creator makes these shields to order, and offers them in a battle damage configuration or a clean slate one. Either way they look pretty sweet.

You can check out the shield here created by mutanteffects

Hylian Shield Replica For Sale

Both of these items are both quite expensive, but I would definitely consider the items a must for a die hard fan.

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