Is a Mechanical Keyboard Worth It?

is a mechanical keyboard worth it

TLDR Yes, yes it is, but keep reading to see my opinion on knock off mechanical keyboards.

Now there is nothing wrong with a membrane keyboard. It does the job, doing its inputs and other keyboard needs. Although, the world of typing on a mechanical keyboard, is kind of life changing. I had no idea what I was missing up until this point in my life and do not want to go back to membrane. Is a mechanical keyboard worth it though?

My membrane keyboard was a Saitek with the fancy light, more specifically the Eclipse II. I think I got a good deal on it. At the time it went for new around $60-$80, and I got it for around $30. I owned that keyboard for at least 4 years. It recently started fail, and keys started to ghost. Now that keyboard took some abuse as I always dropped it on the floor for some reason. So there was no questioning it’s build quality.

Aren’t mechanical keyboards expensive?

Yes, and no. By that I mean brand keyboards such as Logitech, and Razer among others can get costly. If you venture into the cheap ass gamer tech side of the world that is off brand keyboards. Then acquiring one isn’t so bad on your wallet.

Brand new the Logitech keyboards can start at $129 and Razer at $84 and up. Now this can vary pretty hard because we have discounts, and mechanical switches to consider when buying.

Mechanical switches are what makes the mechanical keyboard so great. Each key is equipped with a switch rather than a rubber dome membrane and a spring. The switch gives the keyboard a strong bump feeling when typing and using it. Depending on the color of switches you get the distinctive clickity clack at various sound levels. There is plenty information on that on YouTube if you want to hear what each color switch sounds like.

Now the keyboard I picked up is an off brand Redragon from Amazon. It can also be found at Gearbest if you want to see who currently has the better deal. Anyways I picked up the Redragon as my entry level mechanical keyboard for the low price of $30. I chose the one with no LED’s and no keypad. Which has saved a ton of space at my workstation. Although that space is now taken over by various new little items.

Is a mechanical keyboard worth it?

I had this inexpensive mechanical keyboard for over a month now. Which I think is more than enough time to give it a proper use review. Unlike all those YouTube videos where the people pull it straight out of the packaging and start tapping on the keys telling you how the keyboard is awesome.

For me the Redragon Kumara is doing its job. It feels amazing to type, and actually makes me want to type more. The no frills version can be had for around $30 and I just saw that the one with LED’s can be had for around $35. Then it come in various other versions RGB LED’s and Full size with a number pad. I went without the number pad because I don’t do number inputs very often, although I do excel at number inputs with a keypad.

For reference I used my friend G710 blue for a day. The feel was quite similar, but the Cherry MX’s seemed a little lighter than the Redragons “off brand” switches. The G710 has all the frills and such and can run you around $150. If you are looking for that cheap alternative, then the Redragon is a mechanical keyboard that is worth it.

Final Thoughts

Other off brand keyboards that look similar may be made in the same factory. I can’t say for sure. So if you see a brand other than Redragon then you can chance it for the low price of around $30 there isn’t too much of a loss. Besides Amazon and Gearbest do have return policies and what not.

Another note is the Redragon says that the keys are Cherry green equivalent, but when you take it off the switch is blue and most definitely feels like the G710’s keys. Well this may be why it feels slightly harder to compress than the G710’s keys. I have no idea. I will update this post when I have owned it for a year, and let you all know if it has held up. Although, I am sure that it will definitely hold up. If not then at least I did not drop a ton of money on it.

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