Nintendo Yoshi Egg Earrings

Yoshi’s egg is a pretty iconic egg that most people can recognize. If you have been gaming from the 80’s and beyond. Geek fashion currently is not held back like it was a few years back. More people are open up to wearing retro gaming shirts and products. Girls don’t mind being associated with geek culture and gaming. It is really just a blessed time to be living in.

Which brings me to the point that these earrings are freaking awesome. The Yoshi egg earrings can now be bought for you, your friend, just anyone who loves the classic green dinosaur.

Check it out here made by AmchanShop

Yoshi Egg Earrings

Yoshi Egg earrings

Yoshi Egg earring Description

  • Handmade
  • Available in 11 different colors
  • They come with transparent silicon stoppers


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