Original NBA Jam Updated to 2017 Rosters

Original NBA Jam Updated to 2017 Rosters

Everybody’s favorite 8 bit NBA game gets a roster update thanks to the internet.

Original NBA Jam Updated to 2017 Rosters

Let’s Get Ready to Jam

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Source – If you want to play the original 1993 version of NBA Jam, but use LeBron James and Steph Curry instead of Shawn Kemp and John Stockton, then Hogs With A Blog have done you a great service and modded today’s superstars into yesteryear’s classic game. 

Playable via a SNES emulator, NBA Jam 2k17 is a roster hack designed to reflect 2017’s lineups (though not teams and logos, so the Thunder are still Seattle, etc), features classic players like Jordan, Kobe, Bird and Ewing, and also a new cast of secret playable characters including…Donald Trump, Kanye West and Harambe.

2016 might not have been too hot. We lost just about everyone that has ever appeared on an inspirational quote background. We also lost our dear sweet boy Harambe. The world is a dark, dark place right now. Well, some brave heroes have come together and made the game that will save make bearable 2017.  It is on a SNES emulator so you don’t have the easiest path to salvation, but it’s not impossible.  Some of my only quips is that the in game characters don’t really match up to the real life characters. I need the clip of Harambe dunking HARD on Trump. I just need that on the interwebs.

NBA Jam Updated Rosters Suggestions

Talking about matchups, let’s talk about what I need to see on the hard wood:

Cleveland (’17) vs. Golden State (’17)

We’ve seen it on the big stage twice now, but we haven’t seen it on the ultimate stage. The real kicker of this match will be if Kyrie goes on fire. If he’s the real life and virtual dagger that takes down the warriors then so be it.

Cleveland (’17) vs. Chicago (Retro)

Is Lebron really better than Jordan? The only way to REALLY tell is to play a video game from when MJ was at his prime. That should end the debate once and for all. Sidenote: would love to see J.R. Smith partying with the old Bulls. Some crazy things happened in the pre-social media days and adding J.R. to it would be an all time classic.

Philadelphia (’17) vs Phoenix (Retro)

We’ll call this one, the most lovable big man bowl. If you don’t know who Joel Embiid is, Google him. Besides being a freak and a half, he has a strong handle on the social media game. In the other corner, we got Sir Charles Barkley. No one was more made for social media back in the day than Sir Charles. He once got in a bar fight where he threw a man through a glass window. At sentencing on assault charges for said act, the judge asked if Barkley had anything he regretted. His answer, “Yea, I regret we weren’t on a higher floor.” Maybe using lovable earlier was the wrong word, lets say funniest big man bowl (brought to you by the KFC Hungry Bowl Thing of course).

Minnesota (’17) vs. Houston (Retro)

This one is actually one I wish could be played IRL. The Greek Freak (Giannis Antetokounmpo I’m only typing that once) is an honest to god All Star. Need to see how he would pair up against Clyde “the Glide” Drexler. Also, since Hakeem Olajuwon was on that Houston team, would be nice to put Embiid (both center btw) to play with the Greek Freak and watch an all time great 8 bit bout.

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Update: Read my own article and don’t know how I didn’t mention a Hillary vs. Donald rematch. Stupid so STUPID.

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