I am questioning the Oxford Dictionaries credibility.

The earth is flat B.O.B

I don’t know whether B.O.B. really thinks the world is flat or if he is just using the outlandish statements to draw attention to himself and his new mix-tape, or if he seriously thinks that somewhere on the earth you can fall of the planet. I can see why he would use negative publicity to draw attention to himself because he is probably taking notes from Donald Trump who is everywhere, on Facebook, and brought up when he isn’t even in the room from simply getting peoples blood boiling.

These trends of “idiocracy” got me thinking about the Oxford Dictionary who keep on putting the dumbest words in their dictionary and pushing them as official words of the English language making me think twice about their credibility. Are they simply doing it to draw attention to themselves? Their tagline is “Language Matters”, but it should really be changed to “Publicity Matters”, by adding such SLANG words like twerking, Grrrl, Threequel, Totes, Truthiness, Obvs… I can keep going forever, but it hurts too keep writing them. I mean we already had a website that lets us know the slang words of old and new generations, which is Urban Dictionary.

Urban Dictionary was made, to let the people add slang words that we are currently using, there is no need for the Oxford Dictionary to add these words to their dictionary, we don’t need to fill the new generations of young Bois and Grrrls heads with shitty slang words,  note how stupid that looks sound and feels, and imagine that being in some kids or college students paper that is supposed to show credibility. Now I am no English major and tend to make simple English and grammatical errors myself, but I don’t want my errors added to English’s official words in an official dictionary because that would just be too silly.

Now to push what I am saying about Oxford’s Credibility they added an image, a fucking image as a word.
The emoji that is now a word in the oxford dictionary
I didn’t bother looking up if they changed the definitions of word or image on their site, but are you fucking kidding me? An emoji picture is now an official word of the Oxford Dictionary? LMAO

That is all I have to say about that, you can decide whether or not the Oxford Dictionary is credible or not, but you all know my opinion now.
Let me know what you all think in the comments below.


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