How to Play PUBG better?


You probably just got PUBG. As a first time PUBG player you probably played a few games and were super scared to leave that first building you landed near. Your inner fears are coming out and you are to worried about dying to explore the map. The one time you stepped out into the PUBG world and left the comfort of your house you got lit up from behind.  No worries though, this is the initial stage of getting better at playing PUBG. It’s time to step out of the open world FPS fear.

Stages of getting out of your fear bubble

  1. Get out of your comfort zone:
    Yes your heart rate will go up, you will start to sweat, and you will get better.
  2. Hot drops:
    Land at School or Military especially if the plane is going over one of those locations. If the plane doesn’t go over one of those land at the first big city the plane goes over. (Hacienda Del Patron  if the new map) Landing hot in PUBG will get you use to being about to day and scrambling for a gun. Which could help you get better at looting and getting the upper hand on someone to knock them down before they can knock you down. Soon you will find yourself getting 4-8 kills at the beginning of the game, I bet you didn’t think that was possible.
  3. Warm drops:
    places like Rozhok, Mylta, Pochinki, South Georgopol that get a lot of people, but not too many people. This won’t be as overwhelming as a hot drop. You still have a lot of people around, but now you can work on your mid range game. Try to do this until you can clear the city. Leave nobody left alive, hunt them all down.
  4. Houses become death traps:
    Don’t camp a house, play it tactically. You can easily get pushed on in a house and usually the aggressor will win the fight instead of the guy aiming at the stairs. Plus they can chunk grenades in your room and blow you away.
  5. Learn to scan the horizon when running around:
    It takes time to get your eyes adjusted to see people in the distance. People like FPS gamer and twitcher TheVsnz does this very well.
  6. You will get no kill deaths and a lot of them, don’t let it discourage you.
  7. Don’t loot building too long, loot bodies.  Looting for 20 minutes and getting geared up and dying in a min when you see someone is not fun. Find a gun and go kill some opponents

How long will it take you to get good at PUBG?

Everyone’s FPS abilities will be different. If you have been consistently playing shooters on PC for a good while your aim will def be better than someone who hasn’t. I personally haven’t been playing much FPS games prior to picking up PUBG and it took me around 200 decent games to get some of my aim back. I even went into CSGO just to see how bad my aim was, it was terrible. That is okay though, I was enjoying the game regardless.

After a while solo’s became boring. Just because of the way people play, they grass snake, bush wookie, and close all the doors. They want to make the building look like it wasn’t looted. Then when you open the bathroom door you get your face shot off. I bet they were have a great time sitting 20 min in there waiting for someone to come (end sarcasm).

Why does PUBG lag?

The game is a great concept, and has sold tons of copies. People love to pick on Bluehole(the development team) and I do as well. The fact of the matter is the servers are still very much unoptimized. Although, the team is always working hard pushing out updates. Almost always the updates are broken on live servers, which they mostly fix within an hour of two from the update push. Bluehole is a young team they are learning and getting it together. It can’t be easy having a 100 people on a server.

The reason may not be PUBG, but it could be your computer. If your computer is old it may be time to upgrade, I am personally running a Ryzen 1600 which can stream and play the game pretty well you can check out the build specs here. The next issue could be your internet, if your internet is slow, then your game would take a hit. I know not everyone can get over 10mbps, but if you can try to.

Why does the Miramar map suck?

In my opinion the map is to big. People get way to spread out killing any engagement, besides at the one hotspot on the map. I have only had the circle land on the prison Island once, so it seems completely pointless to go there. The lack of between roads on the mountains make the map super hard to travel, and no vehicle can handle the bumps very well. You end up flipping and running to the next circle. Apparently PUBG plans on changing up the map a bit because users are deleting Miramar files to avoid playing the map at all according to PCGamer. They state some of the changes like road and adding building, but that doesn’t really address the player spread across the map.

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If you are looking to make your PUBG experience better follow some of these steps. It will make you better at PUBG, make the game a little bit faster pace. It will help you step up your killing game, instead of getting those weak 1 kill chicken dinners(were all laughing at you grass snake!). Repetition is key when playing PUBG since there is no practice mode. Landing in hot areas will increase your experience exponentially. While also making you less sweaty during game as you will get use to being surrounded. Which will help you when you start making it to the top 10.

Where to buy PUBG (PlayerUnkowns Battlegrounds?

  • Steam – just use the client or phone app it goes on sale there every once in a while
  • You can strike PUBG discount deals on Amazon and G2A 

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