Is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds worth it?

Playeruknowns battlegrounds RECOMMENDATION

I am nowhere near being a hardcore gamer these days. More of a casual play with friends gamer. Don’t get me wrong a good single player game is awesome. I am capable of playing alone. I just like messing around with friends. So I bring you my game recommendation of Playersuknown’s Battlegrounds.

Short PlayersUknown’s Battlegrounds overview

If you aren’t familiar with PlayersUknown it’s a survival shooter in an open world map. It is an online only game where you can go in solo, duo, or groups of 4. You then enter the game by jumping out of a plane and choosing where you want to go on the map. The plane can enter the map from any direction, North, South, East, West and everything between. From there you land on the ground, or possibly a rooftop. You start with no gear, and it is your job to scavenge for guns, bullet proof vests, bandages, etc. 99 other people jump out of this plane with you. So depending on when you jump, you may be around more people at the start of the game. If that is the case then you better hustle to find a gun. Or else you might be one of the first casualties.

So you might be thinking that you can hide on this huge map forever and just stay on the run. Nope, you are wrong, the playable area continues to shrink periodically. Thus forcing the dwindling survivors to the same area where you will inevitably  try to survive in a shoot out. Hopefully by that time you have stocked up on guns, ammo, and first aid kits.

PlayersUknown’s Battlegrounds Difficulty Level

For me this is my first open world survival game. So I was not familiar with the survival tactics. I actually had a pretty hard time killing anyone at first. So I’d say it is difficult at first, then you will get comfortable with the style quickly. Now if you played other similar games then you should definitely have no problem with PUBG’s

PlayersUknown’s Battlegrounds Pros and Cons


  • Fun to play with friends
  • Games are not too prolonged thanks to the shrinking playable map
  • Matchmaking is very fast
  • Solid range of weapons


  • Game is still in early access
  • no vaulting mechanic
  • glitchy at times

PUBGs Platforms

  • Xbox
  • PC (steam)
  • May possibly come to PS4


I totally recommend Playeruknown’s Battlegrounds. If you love these survival shooters. This is one of the newest ones so finding a populated game is no problem. Hopefully in the coming months they add a new map or two, fix some of the mechanics. I am new to these types of games and find it very entertaining. For $30 bucks it isn’t so bad.

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