Pokemon X Dragon Ball Z Pin Mashups

Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon both have quite the following in their own right. Frankly I love both of them for the most part. I think that the original Dragon Ball series with a young Goku are the best season. Then obviously Dragon ball Z GT was the worse season that everyone even the shows creator want to forget about. Then with Pokemon, I love the first season, but started to lose interest in later seasons and games. Now regardless of those little flaws, I won’t stop loving either.
I can’t create sweet mashup art or items, but thank goodness there are people out there that can. Because these pin mashups are freaking awesome!

Dragon Ball Z Pokemon X DBZ Pins

Blastoise X Burter – Check it out here

Blastoise Burter mashup pin Dragon ball z merchandise

Cell X Scyther = Cell-ther? Check it out here

Cell scyther mashup pin Dragon ball z merchandise

Gengar x Recoome Check it out here

Gengar recoome mashup pin Dragon ball z merchandise

Pikachu x Piccolo Check it out here

Pikachu x Piccolo mashup pin Dragon ball z merchandise

That is all the artist has for now with this mash up, but you can see their other work some more here on their Etsy by the name of PoketPinz.