A Reason to Go 4k Gaming

A Reason to Go 4k Gaming

A Reason to Go 4k Gaming

One Word… 4k Minecraft.

Okay all jokes aside, technical advancements are awesome. The equipment that go a long with it can make you tingle. Just the thought of upgrading old hardware to new shiny expensive hardware makes you want to re-assess your life goals. Then rearrange those goals so that you can make a new computer purchase. Which is definitely always a good idea 🙂

Now we all know in 2017 that the venture into 4k gaming will not be a cheap one by any means. Some of us will have to wait  months in order to afford the upgrade. Then others can go on Amazon or Newegg today and not worry about discounts. If you are anything like me you have been staring down some new hardware for a while. Mixing and matching parts and mentally preparing yourself to ascend into the glorious 4K universe, and let your wallet free.

The main reason to jump into 4k is to quench this thirst. The thirst for new equipment, and the fresh smell of electronics. You pull out that new GPU that has only been touched by the assembly line workers, that’s if a robot did not do all the work. Then you peel off that fresh piece of plastic and slide it into your spanking new mother board. Now that is a feeling that won’t get old ever.

One day the perfect PC will come along for you and me until then we can keep browsing the glorious internet for glorious ideas on 4K gaming setups.  So here are some pics to send you on the right path:

Titan Xp. YESA reason to go 4k gaming Titan Xp.jpg

4k monitors Tri monitors. YES


4k gaming setup shadowfax217

[Photo by shadowfax217]

Latest CPU’s. YES
Kaby Lake VS Ryzen

Kaby lake vs Ryzen


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