Samurai Jack is back in March with a New Season

Samurai Jack’s New Season Trailer

Samurai jack season premiere trailer

That’s right boys and girls. It has been a long time coming and they have been teasing us with an official release date. The day has finally come when they will tell us when Samurai jack‘s new season will premier. The day is March 11  2017. Watch the season premiere trailer here.

Adult swim has confirmed the date in a commercial bumper, where they quickly answers the long awaited question.

Twitter user @hegelbagel told Adult Swim “Hey stop ignoring question about Samurai Jack“. Which they quickly repled with.

It’s been a long two years since they released a five second teaser about Samurai Jack in 2015 that read “Samurai Jack, Adult Swim 2016”. How they got our hopes up on that one. It is now 2017 and no jack, but at least it will hopefully actually premiere in march of 2017.

In preparation for the new season I have rewatched all the classic Samurai Jack episodes. I hope you did as well. We don’t want you forgetting any Jack facts. Now you have time to prepare yourself mentally for the new season, or to catch up if you have never seen an episode.

If you are as excited as me, let me know in the comments below!


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