The Best Gaming Keyboards of 2019


Chose Your Weapons! (gaming keyboards) If you are a PC gamer then you know that a nice mechanical Keyboard is an essential for a great gaming experience. And if you are a newbie coming from a membrane keyboard, you need to convert to mechanical right now. Seriously, when your keyboard is essentially your controller you […]

Is a Mechanical Keyboard Worth It?

is a mechanical keyboard worth it

TLDR Yes, yes it is, but keep reading to see my opinion on knock off mechanical keyboards. Now there is nothing wrong with a membrane keyboard. It does the job, doing its inputs and other keyboard needs. Although, the world of typing on a mechanical keyboard, is kind of life changing. I had no idea […]

Keyboard Mods: Pokemon Keyboard

Pokemon Keyboard stickers If you are a hardcore Pokemon fan then you are probably always looking for ways to mod Pokemon into your life. The Pokemon keyboard stickers can set you apart. They take your average looking boring computer keyboard and add your favorite characters to it. For example Pikachu will be on the “P” key, […]

How to stream on twitch

A Beginners Guide to video stream on twitch This guide is to help you get into video game live streaming on Twitch, FB, YouTube or any other platform, giving you the basic necessities, to advanced upgrades. It could be a video game stream, IRL stream, IRL on the Go stream, Creative stream, or helping you […]

How to Become a Streamer

How to become a streamer dr disrespect and amouranth

So you want to become a video game streamer? You might think that you’re not good enough, not pretty enough for broadcasting, or not funny enough. Well lucky for you none of the f*cken matters. You really only need one of those skills and the will power to learn and adapt to the audience. To […]