SNES Controller Retro Gaming Coffee Table

SNES Controller Retro Gaming Coffee Table

I thought the N64 Coffee table was amazing, but this one is extraordinary!

16-Bit Retro Gaming Coffee Table

This SNES coffee table is made by Behemian Workbench. From looking at the pictures on their Etsy it is well crafted. The buttons look like they are push-able and everything. Well that is because it is a functional controller!!! That is right you can use this to play retro emulated games. It uses a USB and you can hook it up to whatever device you have that is compatible with it, like your computer. If you want to use it with your retro console, this is also an option!  They have thought of everything because you can also get it as just an ordinary coffee table.

Before I get you to excited about this sexy wooden table. You are going to want to check out the price tag and see if it is even in your budget. Check it out here!


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