Star Wars 8 Gets Name: The Last Jedi

Disney knows how to strike when the iron is hot and let’s jump down the theory rabbit hole.

Star Wars gets the name the last jedi

Star Wars 8 Gets Name ‘The Last Jedi’


I’m going to tell you something you already knew, Disney is very good at marketing. I feel like just when some Star Wars news is cooling off, they always have a small morsel to throw to us peons. Just enough to remind us that Star Wars is still very much alive in the year of our lord 2017. Just when the shine of Rogue One ended, we here Donald Glover is going to be the next Lando Calrissian. That wears off, Woody Harrleson is going to be in it too. Now we learn the title of Star Wars 8. Just a masterful job. Bravo, ENCORE *throws internet roses*.

Also, this title is starting up the ol’ internet theory machine. That’s pretty much half the fun of movies nowadays. Pouring over hours and hours of material to just see it all get blown to pieces after the opening scroll rolls by. I mean, everybody thought we were getting a black jedi with Finn in the last Star Wars. Nope Rey. Boom roasted internet. So now let me take a moment to throw my internet tin foil hat into the ring.

Spoilers ahead, but if you haven’t seen these movies by now you need to get out more.

The obvious two front runners are Rey and Luke. Pretty good chance Luke is here to teach Rey how the Jedi get down. Also, the front runner theory is that Luke is going to die in this film. It won’t surprise anyone if Luke is the last Jedi and then that title transfers to Rey, or he dies before the training is complete and they simply drop that he was the “Last Jedi”.

So those are the obvious ones, let’s get nuts. My favorite crazy one is that Jar Jar Binks is the real last Jedi. Please lord be true. Need that M. Night twist. One of my favorite ones is that the Last Jedi has something to do with Kylo Ren. Luke was training him before Supreme Leader Snoke (total side note, what is going on with Snoke? My guess is he has the Sith powers that keep him from dying, but he messed up or he didn’t fully master them because of the Empire falling apart?). So maybe Kylo goes back to being Ben Solo and takes on Snoke? Kind of ruins the whole evil villain of the series. It’s always hard to live up to the iconic character that Vader was, but still it would take the wind out of the series.

Hell, maybe Chewie is the last Jedi. Who knows but stay tuned and if you want to see more of me, follow my blog or follow me on Instagram. Later.

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