Fun Strategic War Board Game: 40k Warhammer Forbidden Stars.

My first war strategy board game: 40k Warhammer Forbidden Stars.

I have never played any board games past the standard Monopoly and Life generic family time games. So when my friend asked me to play Forbidden Stars I was quite skeptical. I didn’t think I would be having fun, and I thought it was going to boring and not a good time.

When we got upstairs the board was overwhelming, there was a lot of shit on the table. I was about to play my first “Real” board game. Well, I was going to play it after an hour of him explaining the rules to us. That’s right a whole hour of explaining rules and of course many aspects were forgotten to be explained. Although, some of it was not explained, that was perfectly fine because I was okay with learning on the go. After 2 play through I felt like I knew what was going on rules wise, but my strategy was lacking. My strategy will change over time as you must learn each races strengths and weaknesses to even know how to utilize your moves.

For anyone looking for a thorough explanation of the rules and game-play we have the glorious YouTube that we can turn to. Where and enthusiast/long time player can explain the rules to you better than I would be able to at this point.

If 40k Warhammer Forbidden Stars is a game you are interested in, you should pick it up soon as it going to be discontinued. After you play it and decide you really really like it then you might want to buy another copy to sell later on as a collectors edition. You can check it out here


3-4 hours if you and your friends can make your moves in a timely manner. You might want to put a timer on a friend if he takes way too long to decide what he wants to do or else the game will really start to drag.

Entry level

This was my first board game of this type. The rules are quite overwhelming, but I had a good grasp of Forbidden Stars by the end of the second play through. So I would say if you take your time, and someone explains it to you thoroughly. Then you play a few matches to the end you will have the rules down. Remember don’t be afraid to ask your friend a ton of questions because that is just a part of learning the game.



Is this game for me?

Have you ever played StarCraft, Age Of Empires, Command and Conquer or any other RTS and enjoyed it? If you enjoyed, it then you will probably enjoy Forbidden Stars also. If it is for you, you can get it here.

I know this is under video game reviews and it’s a board Close enough?


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