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IRL Stream backpack A Beginners Guide to streaming

This guide is to help you get into online streaming. It could be a video game stream, IRL stream, IRL on the Go stream, Creative stream, or helping you get started on the basics to start your own category of streaming. I may cover some subjects more than once in other posts. That is merely to have a overlapping effect to get the information in your head. Starting a stream is easy, and can be done on a budget, but quality can go up with more expensive equipment. That being said, expensive equipment won’t make your stream better from the get go. Only dedication and experimentation can help you there.

I want to help you get started on a budget (things you may already have).  Once you start pulling in massive viewers and donations, I want to guide you in the direction of production value upgrades.

How to become a streamer (The mentality and basic streamer essentials)

PC setup Streaming Setup

PC Setup

IRL streaming setup

Software Setup

  • OBS Stream Setup

Live stream on Multiple Platforms