SupaBoy the ultimate Nostalgia gift for geeks

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The Awesome SupaBoy

Tube TV’s have been long thrown out by most of us, but most of us are still holding on to our beloved Super Nintendo’s and all the games that were acquired during that time.

The SupaBoy allows us to get out our SNES cartridges that you have in storage collecting dust to once again come to life on the mini screen on the controller or connect it to you flat screen TV.

Oh did I mention that it is shaped like the classic controller, and that you can plug in two controllers for some two player action? Well it is and it was designed so well. You might be wondering who you would buy this for, but I assure you this is one of the best gifts for geeks.

So unleash your, or a loved ones nostalgia and grab yourself a SupaBoy.

Get It Here

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