Tech under 10: The Cardboard VR Headset

Tech under 10 The Cardboard VR HeadsetEntry level VR headset for Tech under $10

What?!?!? You can enjoy a taste of VR for less than ten bucks. That’s right tech under 10 found you this cardboard VR headset that folds right up into a pair of VR goggles for less then ten bucks.

Why a Cardboard headset?

Well VR devices can cost you $100 plus dollars, they will obviously last you a lot longer and have other cool features. Maybe you still are not sure that you even want to try VR so why would you waste $100 plus on something you might not enjoy? For under 10 dollars you get this entry-level crafted piece of cardboard that let’s you experience VR for the first time. So before you plunge into the expensive world of VR, save yourself someone money and check out VR with the cardboard VR headset. Available on Amazon here

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