The Real LED Pokeball that lights up and wiggles

Update 3/30/2017

It seems that the creator of the LED Pokeballs in my original post has stopped making them or got banned. Either way there are other users who have created a similar ball that may be just as good. I’ll give you guys a list of users who make some sweet Pokeballs.

Or maybe you guy will be interested in these LED Pokeball Crystals Created byThisiswhatigamefor.

Direct link to Squirtle Crystal Pokeball – here.
The Crystal ball comes in a variety of other Pokemon and looks freaking sweet. They would make an awesome gift for yourself or a loved one. Just imagine this great creation sitting on your desk

LED Pokeball Crystals


Etsy user The Phoenix Orb Project is taking the standard Pokemon Pokeball toy and modifying them so that the button lights up and wiggles to simulate the catching of a a Pokemon.

These modified Pokeballs are all hand made to order, so expect some wait. These custom Pokeballs are great for cosplays. Or just general Pokemon fans because the standard toy leaves some room for desire.

Real LED Pokeballs

The Pokeball that lights up and wigglesCheck It Out

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