The Top PUBG streamers right now IMO


As we all should know by now Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG as we all call it. Is a 100-man battle royale where you sky dive into the game with no weapons. You land in and loot up to find your weapons and try to be the last man standing. PUBG is designed for slow paced playing, but some streamers thought outside of the box a play it at a fast past, well as fast as the games RNG will allow. What I’m saying is they aren’t camping in restrooms or slithering around the grass like snake. So yeah, my list will be a little biased for that type of game-play, but you will be entertained.

The face of Twitch, the Doc, the man himself Dr. Disrespect


Love him or hate him, he is the most electrifying thing to happen to online game streaming. He is an international video game superstar, and he will let you know it. The doc lives by the motto of Violence Speed and Momentum, that not every PUBG streamer can do. He mocks the people who donate and people in chat, but it’s still pretty PG and damn right entertaining. The Doc screams sex appeal, as you will notice with his moustache and Ethiopian Caterpillar that lays on his top lip. Dr. Disrespect is essentially a heel on paper, but ends up being the face (wrestling reference). The Docs fans are called the Slick Daddy Club, and that refers to the people who are subscribed to the Doc on Twitch.  I Could go on for a long time about the Doc, but I’ll leave these videos for you to judge yourself.



The VSNZ is just a normal Pinoy boy, who’s mom from time to time shows up in the background of his stream. That’s not a really a big part of the stream, but I think the momma VSNZ this is pretty funny time to time, and a lot of kids can probably relate to that at one time or another. I was introduced to The VSNZ through the Doc, so that means this dude can play with Violence Speed and Momentum, and he can even keep up with the Docs wit. The Doc cracks jokes at his height and lack of athleticism. In turn visions fans aka, the side hall is also dubbed as the Thicc Daddy club, and he doesn’t take offense to the Thiccness, but embraces it because it is genius and damn right catchy.

VSNZ currently sits at 60k followers, but interacts very well with the entire community in chat, while playing the game. As a bonus you have the opportunity to play with him if you are a sub to the Thicc Daddy Club. Well IDK how long sub games will last as his following gets larger.



If you have been into FPS for a while, and have been around the CS-GO scene then you know shroud. The dude is ridiculous and has aimbot aim, and a speedy trigger finger. Shroud, actually get way more followers than the Doc, and at this point he is almost at 2 Million followers on Twitch with a steady 40k concurrent viewers. If you think about that that is crazy. Watching him play is basically watching a headshot stream, because he is just that good. Not much else to say about shroud, just if you are looking for raw skill, he is the man for you.

The TSM boys


Now if we slow it down, we have the TSM crew. I’ve mainly have watched TSM Viss, TSM Break, and TSM Smak. All great dudes, they play a more strategic game. They have a lot of map awareness and predict what other players are going to do. I’m sure they can play at a faster pace, but they are a team. A team that is preparing for team based PUBG tournaments, and every stream/ game is a good practicing endeavor. Of course, they crossover and play with the Doc from time to time. Twitch is a great community and it seems like everyone is gung-ho to help one another out. Even if it is just playing games with each other to essentially share followers.


Those are basically my top 4 (technically 6) streamers that I like. You definitely can’t go  wrong with any of these guys. A lot of fast pace playing with Dr. Disrespect, and the VSNZ, then some more skill and strategy with shroud and TSM.

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