Why Apex legends is better than Fortnite Battle Royale (Apex vs Fortnite)

Two battle royale games, with two different playing styles. So why the comparison? To simply put it, everyone is just tired of Fortnite for the most part. Every gaming developer is pushing some sort of battle royale mode into the wild. A lot of them a failing, but a new Champion has risen with Apex Legends.

Free to play model

Fortnite battle royale is free to play and so is Apex legends. Both games are going in to bank on in game transactions. These transactions do not affect gameplay one bit, but alter the aesthetics of characters with buying of skins and other little knick-knacks. The model really works because it hooks in the user and some (a lot) of people are addicted to buying cosmetic.


It’s a weird concept that older gamers don’t really like to partake in for the most part. The newer gen Twitch influencers have made it part of their life though. Even to the point of unconsciously wiring their audience to buy in-game items. Fortnite made streamers have even more incentive to buy in game items with their support a creator code, so obviously the streamer will be pushing their audience to buy more in game items so in turn they will receive more money from their audience.

Launch day

Twitch audiences have been consuming so much Fortnite this past year. They are inherently bound to grow kind of tired of watching their favorite streamer play it. Likewise, with the streamers who only stream Fornite 24/7.

So, when Apex Legends appeared from thin air, everyone hopped on it to give it a shot. A lot of large streamers were partnered with EA on the launch. Which in turn everyone notices and gives the game a shot.

Consumers received a Battle royale that did not have a hitch at all on launch day. Well not, not at all, but the servers were very smooth for the most part. While a week or two previously EA had a very shitty demo launch with Anthem.

With this tactic millions of gamers flocked to the shiny new game. Deeming it an instant success. We got an FPS shooter that is a mix of Titan Fall, Destiny, Overwatch, and a little COD. The best part about it is that it is like a standard shooter where the bullets go where you shoot and has no RNG to the gun’s mechanics.

EA Longevity

Now you noticed the game was put out by EA. We all know that EA is notoriously bad and will probably put a pay wall in there somewhere, or just ruin it somehow. Basically, I have no faith in EA and the longevity of its game. I believe that it is running on fumes of exhausted Fortnite gamers. At this point the game is a hit, but we will see where it falls in a year.

So what game is better? Fortnite or Apex Legends?

If you don’t mind 3rd person view 100% RNG shooter experience where your bullets will take a 90 degree turn then fortnite is the game for you. If you want a shooter with a lot of mobility weird abilities, a FPS, and is the hot game right now. Then you should pick up Apex Legend. It really comes down to you, your gaming style, and maybe even what your friends are playing. STOP looking for what game is better, try them out for yourselves, they are both free. So make a conscious decision and be a happy gamer.

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