Wooden Pokemon Cards


Wooden Pokemon CardsThe first 151 Pokemon will always be the Pokemon that I know a cherish. I don’t really like the though of these ice cream cones and lamp Pokemon. But that original 151 was something to behold. I still have my original set of cards. It isn’t a complete collection, as some were stolen and I lost interest in the cards when the Game Boy color came out with Pokemon Red and Blue.
These custom wooden Pokemon cards seem like something I need to have in my collection. Starting with that Blastoise first of course!

The handmade wooden cards were made by the user pigminted on etsy.

Each card is made to order, and are very nostalgia driven. They offer two options.

Option 1: Pokemon card + Stand = $45
Option 2: Custom Pokemon card + Stand = $60

You can check out the listing right here and get any custom card of your dreams.

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